Wineth Kristine

As I age, I noticed that my skin shows different signs of aging. From having wrinkles to dark spots and rashes now dry patches every now and then on my face & body. I have been using these products for 7 days now and I can say that it’s one of the best cream and cleanser I’ve used. First, it’s so gentle and scent free that my hyper sensitive skin and rhinitis doesn’t react to it. Second, it locks in moisture to my skin. My skin feels hydrated all day and those dry patches on my face haven’t come back since I use it. Highly recommended to those eczema prone skin.👌 “

Pei San

After used, I felt my face become firm, a bit brighter, smooth, and not obvious for fine liner.”


I’ve suffered a long battles with eczema since young, and any products that contains excessive chemicals can easily dry my skin and causes a flare. Derma Lab Gentle Relief Cleanser soothed my flare almost instantly (a little more than a day). I’ve applied the cream every night for 7 days and notice an improvement. I still have redness, but not as itchy and dry as before.”


Use on myself n hub. His face had sun marks, big pores, dull skin n oily. After 7days. Now his mark lighten, pores became smaller n look more radiant.. It had also oil control which makes his face not so oily when touch.. Superb product.”


I personally thoroughly enjoyed using this 2 products. I have chronically irritated skin with me having to take Zyrtec everyday and I scratch my skin daily. I have tried multiple brands of bathing cleanser like QV, St Ives to name a few and none of these have helped me as much as Derma Lab Gentle Relief Cleanser. I noticed my skin being less itchy and less red, not sure whether it was the cream or cleanser that helped but this change was only noticed after I started using Derma Lab and I would definitely continue using it! 🙂 High quality product!”


I’d been using whitening products but never find a satisfactory products either caused breakout or irritated my skin when the product is too strong, perhaps. Until I try on Derma Lab Pure Vitamin C15, I found it really brighten my skin and at the same time doesn’t caused any outbreaks or irritate my sensitive skin. Definitely will recommend this products to others!”


Gentle Relief Cream did help to stop me from scratching. I specifically enjoy the shower gel as it feel light not medically smell and very gentle on skin. I believe continuing using both products I should be able to see more drastic improvements on my skin.”


I love this serum. It exfoliates skin and let makeup stays not patchy to my skin anymore. Acne usually disappear takes quite awhile but this time was so fast. Amazing!”