Formulated in Asian Countries’
Top Laboratories

Specially Designed for
Asian Skin

Products are strictly formulated and tested to ensure safe and highly effective products.

Developed by Scientists and Dermatologists

Dr Kelly Tang, M.D., M.S. is a renowned dermatologist
certified and licensed in both Taiwan and the USA.

Derma Lab combines the expertise of more than 200
research scientists and dermatologists in this revolutionary
dermatology science, the Derma Mimic Complex.

An Unprecedented Formulation
for Asian Skin


A Revolutionary Dermatology Science Co-Developed with Dermatologists

Functions like natural skin lipids that effectively repairs damaged skin due to barrier impairment
Activates water channel of Aquaporin for intensive hydration and boosts Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), locking in water molecules for healthy good skin
Developed to strengthen skin barrier for enhanced protection

Advanced Technology to Solve
Specific Skin Concerns

A strong skin barrier is the key to having healthy skin.
Derma Lab helps to repair damaged skin due to skin barrier
impairment as well as build up the skin barrier such that the skin
becomes less sensitive to external irritants.