72 Hour Rehydrating Serum-in-Gel

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A daily moisturizer with fast-absorbing texture, giving skin the nourishments of a moisturizing gel and the super hydrating power like a serum.

• Formulated with Derma Mimic Complex which effectively strengthens skin barrier by 1.1X and locks in moisture, leaving skin healthy and hydrated.
Fragrance-free hybrid facial care that combines the nourishments of a moisturizer with hydrating actives of potent serum
• Long lasting hydration
• Instant moisture boost
• Fortify skin barrier

• Natural occurring lipids that are major components of skin’s epidermis
• A skin restoring ingredient, it restores skin barrier function against transepidermal water loss
• Prevents evaporation of moisture and skin dryness • Improve skin resilience against external aggressors
• Provides long term protection and repair of sensitive dry skin

• A classic, powerful hydrating active known for its ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water
• Superior moisture retention ability

• Maintain skin moisture balance
• Strengthen skin barrier to provide better skin protection
• Keep skin smooth and soft

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